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The company is specialized in the production of ophthalmic microsurgical scalpel corporate entities , with advanced equipment and superb design capabilities of the professional and technical personnel.
The company can produce a variety of user needs artificial sapphire series models scalpel, disposable scalpels and other ophthalmic equipment, products have been widely used in ophthalmic surgery more than 20 domestic provinces and cities in many hospitals , and sold abroad.

Synthetic sapphire crystal flake knife head system , fine structure , hardness only to diamond , fine blade after processing is extremely sharp, handle made ​​of stainless steel processing, through the


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JM Surgicals(JingMing Science&Technology Co.,Ltd Shanghai)s a leading ophthalmic enterprise based in Shanghai,China, manufacturing high quality Sapphire knife,disposable knife and titanium instruments,The company has been serving not only China,but the whole world's Hospitals,distributors,medical facilities and also charity orgnizations for over 20 years,Its CE approved,also has FDA,ISO 13485 and ISO9001.

The company has been working with over 80 foreign distributors in the last 10 years and have very high repuation for its quality,service and efficiency.

And nowadays,the world wild interenet shopping has become a main trend for part of our business,it saves both seller and buyer's money,time and we are foucs on this service to expand our business range and make sure more and more doctors and distributors will be benifit from this service.