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The company is specialized in the production of ophthalmic microsurgical scalpel corporate entities , with advanced equipment and superb design capabilities of the professional and technical personnel.
The company can produce a variety of user needs artificial sapphire series models scalpel, disposable scalpels and other ophthalmic equipment, products have been widely used in ophthalmic surgery more than 20 domestic provinces and cities in many hospitals , and sold abroad.

Synthetic sapphire crystal flake knife head system , fine structure , hardness only to diamond , fine blade after processing is extremely sharp, handle made ​​of stainless steel processing, through the


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1.Register as a member of JM Surgicals

2.After log in,you are free to choose the product that you are looking for.

3.And PDF price list will be sent to you including all the speical prices for every month.

4.Once you done shopping,simply click"buy" buttom for the summery of the order and our sales staff will be reaching you in 6 hours.

5.After comfirming the order,the proforma invoice will be sent to your email box for the payment.

6.All the payments will be made prior to the shipment via "Paypal" or Wire transfer,so you can shop with your credit card if you do not have time to go to bank.

7.The order will be delivered in 10 working days after the payment is recieved.

8.JM Surgicals promise that all the orders can be retruned in 7 days if our clients find anything discomfortable with it.