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The company is specialized in the production of ophthalmic microsurgical scalpel corporate entities , with advanced equipment and superb design capabilities of the professional and technical personnel.
The company can produce a variety of user needs artificial sapphire series models scalpel, disposable scalpels and other ophthalmic equipment, products have been widely used in ophthalmic surgery more than 20 domestic provinces and cities in many hospitals , and sold abroad.

Synthetic sapphire crystal flake knife head system , fine structure , hardness only to diamond , fine blade after processing is extremely sharp, handle made ​​of stainless steel processing, through the


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  • Straight Tying Forceps Type 2 108mm long
    Straight Tying Forceps Type 2 108mm long$0.00$0.00
  • Straight Tying Forceps type3  115mm long
    Straight Tying Forceps type3 115mm long$0.00$0.00
  • Angled Notched Forceps 85mm,108mm,115mm
    Angled Notched Forceps 85mm,108mm,115mm$0.00$0.00

J Shaped IA Cannula,Gills IA Cannula

40J Shaped IA Cannula,Gills IA Cannula
Promotions: $0.00
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Model: 8006020,8006021,8006022,8006023
Place of origin: SHANGHAI MADE
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40J Shaped IA Cannula,Gills IA Cannula

8006020 With silicon tube 23G Regular

8006021 With silicon tube 23G 6#

8006022 With silicon tube 23G 7#

8006023 With silicon tube 23G 8#


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